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Junior Web Designer/Developer Job Vancancy in Uganda

Junior Web Designer/Developer(2)

Imagine a workplace which encourages you to take on responsibility and where your ideas will be heard and implemented. Imagine a fast paced environment where your performance makes the difference.

Renotex Media & Technologies is looking for young 20 – 35 year old online adventurers to join our Web Design Team!

The junior web designer/developer will be responsible for the design, layout and coding of our client’s websites. They’ll be involved with the technical and graphical aspects of the websites – how the sites work and how they look. They will also be involved with the maintenance and update of existing sites.

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Renotex Media & Technologies is a non discriminatory marketing company and will consider every applicant from their respective identities. Also, technical know-who a common term used to recruit applicant from the back door does not apply in our HR principals. All your application/ CV / Accademic papers MUST all be one in PDF to: 

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Expires Feb 14, 2019. See job details