Renotex is able to offer market leading solutions for larger enterprise customers who need tailor-made solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements. With national coverage we are able to deliver the most appropriate and reliable solution at the right price.

We can provide you with the following solutions:

·    Point to Point connectivity between sites

·    Layer 3 VPN connectivity between sites

·    Layer 2 VPN connectivity between sites

·    Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Services (International & National)

·    IPL Services (International Private Lines) 


What would I need a WAN solution for?

A WAN solution will allow you to securely connect your offices to exchange the following information:

·Voice (VOIP) services integrating remote PBXs together

·Video Conferencing services

·Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connectivity for centralization  of finance, procurement, client facing departments, payroll etc

·Shared Internet Gateway for efficient bandwidth use

·Shared email and other collaboration services e.g. intranet and   document management

·Remote printing for remote locations e.g. manufacturing sites

·Remote CCTV and monitoring

·Factory Automation Systems including remote management of  plants or production lines

·Centralized security through a single entry point to your whole   network for added security

·Secure WAN Disaster Recovery solutions

·Single network exit point to connect to a third party & Offsite Backup.