We are here by proposing to provide the above solution to your institution. The above solution has been used by a number of Institutions, Organizations, and it has eased communication between them and their clients.

At Renotex, we understand

  1. The importance of e-marketing and e- commerce.
  2. The artwork needed for a successful and yet eye-catching website.
  3. The need for the website to convey the correct message and download with optimum speed.
  4. The need for your website to be friendly to all major search engines like google, msn, yahoo, and others.
  5. The need for a website that appeal to your target audience, easy to navigate and very friendly to all web browsers with minimum plugins.


We have got a highly professional team dedicated to professionally design web pages to attract your customers, optimized images for quick loading, professionally prepared content and Online forms.

Some of our completed work samples involving CMS are:

  1. Network Safaris Ltd
  2. The Haven Apartments Kampala Uganda
  3. Technology Masters Ltd
  4. Bat Haulers Ltd
  5. Renotex
  6. Tropics Tours & Travel
  7. Insider to Uganda
  8. Peach Enterprise
  9. Renotex Tours
  10. Afrigue Designers
  11. Tumu Hospital
  12. Desert Island Resort Soroti
  13. Tumu Group
  14. Apartments in Kampala
  15. Sharolnet
  16. Wildlink Tours
  17. Solot Suites
  18. Big optionzs
  19. World Wide Movers South Sudan
  20. HIV / AIDS Reproductive Health;