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Webcasting / Radio Streaming

Streaming is the techinology used to distribute radio waves over the internet typically using a lossy audio codec. Audio data is continuously transmitted serially over the internet in TCP or UDP packets, then reassembled at the receiver and played a second or two later
We use very advanced equipments and digital receiver to get your frequency then we encode them into broadcasting servers.
The Encoding and Streaming is done in our server-room hence no equipment will be put at your premises, and this reduces the maintainance costs
Streaming Goes beyond the antenna!

Benefits of Radio Webcasting / streaming

1. Broaden your audience. Your listeners who traver worldwide will no longer be bound by the limitations of the antenna. They will be able to listen to the radio via internet.
2. Increase listening time. The average radio listener spends about 30 minutes or more listening to a car radio while commuting to and from. Your Internet
radio station is reaching people 24 hours a day around the world while they work, shop, chat, email or surf online.
3. Ugandans in Diaspora are able to listen to News and entainment from their mother land, hence creating a strong bond. betwen them and their home country.